Some PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequel news–no Keith Richards (yet)

With cameras due to roll on PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN’S CHEST in a couple of weeks, no deal has been signed with legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards to play Captain Jack Sparrow’s daddy. Rumors first began to circulate last summer claiming that Richards would play Captain Jack’s dad for a few days of shooting, and it seemed an inspired choice, given Johnny Depp’s frequent acknowledgements that he used Richards as a model for Captain Jack. But Richards’ participation has never been confirmed, and now it appears a salary dispute may keep him from shipping aboard the Black Pearl. Jim Hill reports that Richards wants a seven-figure salary for four days’ work, which Disney considers too high. However, Hill’s source reports that negotiations are still continuing. “[We] hope that– sometime between now and the end of October–we can come to some sort of financial arrangement that both sides can live with. We still very much want Keith Richards to be a part of these pictures. To have Sparrow father and son on screen together. But–as of this moment–the numbers just aren’t lining up. Maybe further on down the line, they will.”

The Zone thanks emma for posting the story on the News & Views forum. She also brings word that Jason Surrell, author of several books on Disney-related projects, has two books on the POTC sequels in the works. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: FROM THE MAGIC KINGDOM TO THE MOVIES is due for a fall 2005 release. Surrell’s second POTC book (no title yet) will cover the production of all three POTC films, and should appear in bookstores in the spring of 2007.