BREAKING NEWS–Johnny Depp works the phones at "Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope"

The photo at the left shows Johnny Depp on Saturday night, January 15, 2005, answering phones during the fundraiser for tsunami relief which aired on NBC Universal-owned stations. The Associated Press reports, “With Norah Jones singing ‘we’re all in this thing together,’ movie and music stars contributed their talents for a hastily arranged benefit for tsunami victims televised live on Saturday.” All donations raised during the broadcast will be given to the American Red Cross International Response Fund.

As Clint Eastwood said during the broadcast, “We have a choice. We can either look away or we can help.” Johnny was one of those there to help on Saturday night, and we applaud his generosity. We know many Zoners followed his example and made donations to the Red Cross. Thanks very much to 2mins and johnnylubber for posting screencaps of Johnny working the phone bank–you can see them on the News & Views forum and the Recent Pics forum.