BREAKING NEWS–FINDING NEVERLAND wins two Critic's Choice Awards, including Best Live-Action Family Film!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of FINDING NEVERLAND, which tonight won two Critic’s Choice Awards from the Broadcast Critics Association! Freddie Highmore, who plays Peter Llewelyn Davies, won as Best Young Actor, and the film won in the hotly contested category of Best Live Action Family Film. Although Johnny was nominated for Best Actor for his portrayal of J. M. Barrie, the award went to Jamie Foxx for RAY. SIDEWAYS won Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress; Best Actress was Hilary Swank for MILLION DOLLAR BABY; and Martin Scorsese was chosen Best Director for THE AVIATOR.

Johnny Depp did not attend the awards ceremony, nor did Freddie Highmore. Director Marc Forster accepted the Best Live Action Family Film trophy, stopping on his way to the podium to pull Kate Winslet up on stage with him. Forster’s acceptance speech was gracious and modest, as he acknowledged all who worked on FINDING NEVERLAND, including his wonderful cast.

This is the second year in a row that a film starring Johnny Depp has won the Critic’s Choice Award for Best Live Action Family Film. Last year, the honor went to PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. Lovers of excellent family entertainment owe a debt of gratitude to Lily-Rose and Jack Depp, for inspiring their daddy to make some films “the kiddies” could cherish.

BREAKING NEWS–Johnny Depp wins the People's Choice Award as Favorite Male Movie Star!

Congratulations to Johnny Depp, who won his first People’s Choice Award tonight as Favorite Male Movie Star! Johnny was not present in the Pasadena Civic Auditorium to accept the award; instead, he sent one of his tongue-in-cheek taped acceptance speeches, similar to his acceptance of the MTV Award in June. Sheryl Crow, who introduced the category and announced Johnny as the winner, said that Johnny was “standing by live somewhere in Eastern Europe,” but he was obviously on a set meant to simulate a gypsy wagon, shaking as if it were being drawn by horses. He wore the same green shirt and gray jacket he wore for his appearance on THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW in November, but sported Captain Jack Sparrow facial hair, tortoise-shell glasses, and a black newsboy cap. “I want to thank you all very very much,” Johnny told the audience. “I’m terribly sorry I couldn’t be there. It’s a great honor.” Then he began to spin a tall tale. “I’m actually on a mad trek thru the Carpathian Mountains searching for Vlad the Impaler,” he explained, adding a quip about hoping to hook up with Christopher Lee (his co-star in the upcoming CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY and CORPSE BRIDE), who was “doing a duet with Rammstein.”

Turning serious, Johnny added that the award was “a great honor” and he wanted to “say thank you very very much to the people. It really feels good to say that because you in fact are our employer, you are our boss, so thank you very, very much for this great honor.” He concluded with a typical generous impulse: “I hope some day to make you all a cup of coffee.” Okay, Johnny, we accept! Just tell us when and where.