Happy Anniversary to the Johnny Depp Zone!

It’s hard to believe the new Zone has reached a milestone already, but it was exactly six months ago today–on July 9, 2004, the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN anniversary–that the new Johnny Depp Zone opened its cyber-doors. We began with a few hundred members, two picture galleries, and our enthusiasm: six months later, we have 1,300 members; many active message boards; and fifteen stunning photo galleries, with more on the way. We thank all the Depp fans all over the world who have come to the Zone and shared their insights, art work, fan fiction, and, above all, their good will. We look forward to meeting many more of Johnny’s fans over the coming months, as we share the excitement of awards season; the filming of the sequel to PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN; and the release of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, THE LIBERTINE, and CORPSE BRIDE.

Tonight, Johnny Depp won his first-ever People’s Choice Award as Favorite Male Movie Star. It’s an award richly deserved. But Johnny Depp has always been the Zone’s choice–not just as a “star,” but as an actor, artist, musician, filmmaker, literary critic, generous spirit, and all-around inspiration. The Zone thanks Johnny Depp for giving us a thousand different reasons to be proud of him. Just when we think we know them all, he astonishes us again.