The Zone celebrates the arrival of 2005 with two new galleries!

The Zone is happy to announce the addition of two new galleries! To mark the end of 2004, a year which brought tremendous success and recognition to Johnny Depp as an actor, the Zone offers IN CHARACTER, which offers a beautiful shot of Johnny in each of his major film roles. And to start 2005 on a light-hearted note, visit our new WHITE AND WET gallery, which features pictures of Johnny in his signature white shirts. All of the pictures give delight to the eyes and a lift to the heart–the perfect way to usher in a new year.

To view the new galleries, click on the GALLERIES button and select THE DEPPARTMENT. The IN CHARACTER gallery is behind Don Juan de Marco’s mask; WHITE AND WET is next to it on the right. Thanks as always to Sleepy for sharing her magnificent collection, and to Mostly Harmless for gallery design. The Zone wishes a peaceful, joyous, healthy and fulfilling 2005 to Johnny Depp, his family, and his fans around the world.