Articles from January 2005

Variety lists a release date for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2–July 7, 2006!

Deppheads, mark your calendars; according to showbiz Bible Variety, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2 now has an official release date of July 7, 2006. This would be three years after the Black Pearl originally set sail; the original film was released on July 9, 2003. Thanks to johnnycake for posting the good news. Shadow adds that now lists the title for the sequel as PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN’S CHEST, confirming the information that emma posted on the Zone on November 30th. Drinks all around!

BREAKING NEWS–Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet on the cover of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY!

Deppheads, prepare for a severe case of whiplash as you pass your grocery checkout stand this weekend–Johnny is on the cover of the new ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, with his FINDING NEVERLAND co-star Kate Winslet, and as you can tell by the thumbnail on the left, the picture is to die for! It’s easy to see that Captain Jack Sparrow is about to re-emerge from hibernation any day now. For a larger view of the January 14, 2005 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY cover, click HERE.

The EW story deals with this year’s Oscar race; according to old johnny fan, there is an interview with Johnny and Kate in the issue, along with another new picture of Johnny, and Kate with Freddie Highmore. The picture was taken December 17 in Paris, according to the credits page. EW is predicting Oscar nominations for Johnny as Best Actor for FINDING NEVERLAND, and a rare double for Kate, as Best Supporting Actress for FINDING NEVERLAND and Best Actress for ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND. EW also taps FINDING NEVERLAND as a Best Picture nominee, and foresees nods for Marc Forster as Best Director and David Magee for Best Adapted Screenplay. We certainly hope they are right! Thanks very much to DeepinDepp for posting the EW cover on the News & Views forum, and to oldjohnnyfan for reporting on the contents.

BREAKING NEWS–Marc Forster wins a Directors Guild nomination for FINDING NEVERLAND!

Congratulations to FINDING NEVERLAND director Marc Forster, who this morning was honored with his first-ever nomination for the extremely prestigious Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film. As current DGA president Michael Apted said when he read the names of the nominees, “What makes this award truly meaningful to directors is the knowledge that only this award is decided solely by their peers–the men and women who know the blood, passion, and fear that go into each production. I offer my hearty congratulations to all the nominees for demonstrating how vision, when combined with skill and talent, creates excellence on the screen.”

Marc is joined in the ranks of nominees by Clint Eastwood for MILLION DOLLAR BABY, Taylor Hackford for RAY, Alexander Payne for SIDEWAYS, and Martin Scorsese for THE AVIATOR. The DGA awards will be presented at a ceremony in Los Angeles on Saturday evening, January 29, 2005 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Thanks to FANtasticJD for sharing the good news. You can read all about it HERE and on our News & Views forum.

BREAKING NEWS–the Producers Guild of America nominates FINDING NEVERLAND for Best Picture of 2004!

Another big award nomination for Marc Forster’s FINDING NEVERLAND: today, the Producers Guild of America selected the J. M. Barrie biopic as one of the five finest films of 2004. Other Best Picture PGA nominees are THE AVIATOR, SIDEWAYS, MILLION DOLLAR BABY, and THE INCREDIBLES. The awards ceremony is January 22nd.

According to David Germain of the Associated Press, the PGA awards, now in their 16th year, “are a solid predictor for the top Academy Awards winner.” So it is a very good sign to see FINDING NEVERLAND emerge as one of the top contenders. Thanks to DeepinDepp for posting the story on the News & Views forum. You can read all about it HERE.

A "game-show host" and a "bratty child"–Johnny Depp's inspirations for his Willy Wonka

Those of you who have seen the trailer for CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY must have noticed the artificially chummy, toothy grin Johnny Depp sports as Willy Wonka. Those unnaturally pearly whites make perfect sense now that Johnny has confided to PREMIERE MAGAZINE that one of his inspirations for creating Willy’s character was “a game-show host.” The other inspiration? “A bratty child.” The February 2005 issue of PREMIERE contains a brief preview of CATCF and a short interview with Tim Burton, who stresses that he tried to keep his version close to Roald Dahl’s text. However, the screenplay does add “a backstory for Wonka, revolving around his relationship with his dentist father(Christopher Lee),” and several songs written by Danny Elfman. Those are authentic squirrels in the Nut Room sequences, though, and “non CG-Oompa-Loompas, each of which is played by the diminutive actor Deep Roy, shrunk to 30 inches onscreen.”

Burton also speaks enthusiastically about his other film venture of 2005, the stop-action animated feature CORPSE BRIDE, due for release in September. He is particularly pleased by the quality of his vocal cast, toplined by Johnny and Helena Bonham Carter, and including Emily Watson, Albert Finney, Tracey Ullman, and Christopher Lee. “I got lots of great people to do voices,” Burton told PREMIERE. “I feel so lucky ’cause people just wanted to help make it, doing it fairly low-budget, the good old fashioned way.” Thanks to DeepinDepp for posting the PREMIERE story on the News & Views board, and to JohnnyDeppFan, where the article was originally posted.

"The nicest guy on the planet:" SHANTARAM's author, Gregory David Roberts, talks about his alter ego, Johnny Depp~~

Gregory David Roberts, whose novel SHANTARAM was purchased by Warner Bros. for $2 million in October, met the actor who will portray him on film–and (where have we heard this before?) was absolutely dazzled by Johnny Depp’s kindness and generosity. “Took me a nanosecond [. . .] to pack a grip and pick up the First Class ticket he left for me at the British Airways desk in Melbourne,” writes Roberts in the engaging account of his journey published on his SHANTARAM website. He visited Johnny in London during the shooting of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Veronica has kindly posted the whole account on the News & Views forum–thanks, V! Depp fans will also want to investigate Roberts’ fascinating website.

Here’s what Roberts has to say about Johnny as a person: “All of Johnny’s fans [. . .]will be delighted but not surprised to hear that he’s just about the nicest guy on the goddamn planet. He’s generous, considerate, modest, brave, intelligent, good-hearted, creative, funny, gentle, wise, loving, loyal, hard-working, and almost unbearably cool.” To see a picture of Roberts and Johnny together during his visit, click HERE. The picture was taken by Johnny’s P bandmate and long-time friend Bill Carter.

Roberts was also very impressed by Johnny as an actor: “The total professional, Johnny puts passion and intensity into every take [. . .]. No less important, it seemed to me, was the way that he brought so much affectionate communication to every other actor in each scene, and extended that warmth to every member of the crew. It was a happy, positive set, and I put that down to Johnny’s art, and his good heart, and to the sensitive brilliance of his friend, the wonderful Tim Burton.” Another Depphead is born . . . .

The Zone celebrates the arrival of 2005 with two new galleries!

The Zone is happy to announce the addition of two new galleries! To mark the end of 2004, a year which brought tremendous success and recognition to Johnny Depp as an actor, the Zone offers IN CHARACTER, which offers a beautiful shot of Johnny in each of his major film roles. And to start 2005 on a light-hearted note, visit our new WHITE AND WET gallery, which features pictures of Johnny in his signature white shirts. All of the pictures give delight to the eyes and a lift to the heart–the perfect way to usher in a new year.

To view the new galleries, click on the GALLERIES button and select THE DEPPARTMENT. The IN CHARACTER gallery is behind Don Juan de Marco’s mask; WHITE AND WET is next to it on the right. Thanks as always to Sleepy for sharing her magnificent collection, and to Mostly Harmless for gallery design. The Zone wishes a peaceful, joyous, healthy and fulfilling 2005 to Johnny Depp, his family, and his fans around the world.