So Quotable: Johnny Depp interviewed about Kate Winslet and FINDING NEVERLAND in new OK Magazine

A five-page article on Johnny Depp, called “Hollywood’s Outsider Comes in for a Chat,” appears in the latest OK Magazine (Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are on the cover). The interview, reported in question-and-answer style, was conducted by Martyn Palmer, who wrote a wonderful profile of Johnny for the London Times a few weeks ago.

Since writers don’t have control over the titles of their articles, Palmer’s editor at OK is responsible for the tabloidish subheadline, “The Maverick FINDING NEVERLAND Star Says He’s Just a Big Kid and Confesses to a Crush on Kate Winslet.” Many news outlets have reprinted the “crush” comment as if Johnny actually said that, but the transcript shows he said nothing of the kind. Palmer asks Johnny, “Was Kate Winslet a kindred spirit in this film?” Here is Johnny’s reply, in full:

“Oh yeah, she’s amazing. We hadn’t worked together before. She is so cool. There’s no pretence, no weirdness, no diva. She is a great girl first, a great mum–which is impressive and made me love her even more–and obviously she is a great actress. Years ago I saw HEAVENLY CREATURES and I thought she was terrific in it–but I didn’t see the boat movie! It’s so great not to have to lie about something (laughs), do you know what I mean? You do these things sometimes and it’s like: ‘Oh she was terrific! Next question!’ I’m happy to say in this case that I can gush on and on about Kate.”

The interview also contains many insights into Johnny’s attitude toward J.M. Barrie, his child co-stars, his own childhood, and PETER PAN. You can read the entire interview on the Zone’s News & Views forum. The Zone thanks Janine for transcribing the article, Endora for posting scans of the photos, and SavvyAngelUK for breaking the news.