Richard Roeper predicts an Oscar for Johnny Depp for FINDING NEVERLAND!

Deppheads rejoiced when film critic Richard Roeper predicted that Johnny Depp’s performance as J. M. Barrie would bring him this year’s Oscar for Best Actor. Roeper made his prediction during an appearance on THE TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno on Thursday, December 2nd. Roeper’s colleague, Roger Ebert, disagreed and felt that Jamie Foxx’s portrayal of Ray Charles was more likely to win because it was a showier role: “I don’t really think Johnny Depp will win for Best Actor because it is not the kind of role that wins,” Ebert argued. He finds Barrie “quiet, sweet, introverted, [and]thoughtful,” whereas Academy voters have been known to be impressed by what one reviewer refers to as the “pass a kidney stone” style of acting–a preference amply demonstrated by last year’s Best Actor competition. Roeper, however, feels that last year’s near-miss may work in Johnny’s favor this year, since voters will remember his Captain Jack as well as his Barrie: “I think he [Johnny] has a really good chance of winning,” Roeper said,”not just for this role, but because he has a lot of great goodwill going.” One can always hope! Thanks to Still-Rather-Timid for posting a notice about Ebert and Roeper’s appearance on THE TONIGHT SHOW, and to ACK for typing up the transcript of their remarks.