Great weekend box office performance for FINDING NEVERLAND!

FINDING NEVERLAND demonstrated considerable clout at the North American box office over the five-day Thanksgiving weekend, November 24th-28th. Actual box office numbers (not estimates), just released, show that FINDING NEVERLAND, showing on only 513 screens, posted a hefty per-screen average of $12,494. Only the #1 movie of the weekend, Jerry Bruckheimer’s NATIONAL TREASURE, had a better per-screen average ($14,066). By contrast, the third-place film, Pixar’s THE INCREDIBLES, averaged a less impressive $9,501 per screen. Although FINDING NEVERLAND had to compete with movies showing on six times as many screens–the top five-grossing movies of the weekend were all showing on at least 3,200 screens–it still cracked the top ten at the box office, placing 8th for the weekend. These numbers demonstrate considerable audience interest in the film, and should encourage Miramax to add screens and bring FINDING NEVERLAND into wider release. For the many Zoners still waiting for the chance to see this beautiful movie in their home towns, we hope this weekend will bring FINDING NEVERLAND to a theater near you.