Sunday New York Times features an article on Johnny Depp!

The Arts and Leisure section of the Sunday New York Times will feature an article on Johnny Depp in their “Holiday Movies” special edition. Johnny is the only actor to be so honored, which means his work in FINDING NEVERLAND must have really impressed at least one of the Times’s movie critics. Elvis Mitchell picked PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN as his favorite movie of 2003; if he is also the author of Sunday’s article, perhaps we should make him an honorary member of the Zone.

The Zone thanks Donna B. for breaking this story, and JD’s First Mate, who reports that according to the ET website, Johnny Depp will appear on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT on Monday, November 8th (check local listings for the time in your area). This is not a story about Johnny, however, but about Darlene Cates, the woman who played Gilbert Grape’s mother. Ms. Cates has embarked on a stringent weight-loss, health-recovery plan, and Johnny sends her a message of encouragement, we’re told. Very sweet of him.