The Zone opens a new gallery for THE BRAVE!

The Zone is happy to announce a new addition to our BY FILM galleries. THE BRAVE gallery is a little bit different: it includes text from Johnny’s interviews to accompany the pictures.

This gallery is unique in another way–it depicts the filming process rather than simply recording the finished product. In many behind-the-scenes photos, Johnny appears in discussion with his director of photography, Vilko Filak, or with members of his cast; this is our only chance to see Johnny working as a director as well as an actor, and we wanted to honor both this experience and the film that he created with a special gallery.

These photos are some of Sleepy’s favorites, and we think you will love them, too. The photos are all thumbnails–just click on them to get a large, crisp image of the shot. The Zone gives a big thank-you bouquet of roses and lilies to our web designer, Mostly Harmless, for all her work on this project.

The Zone also thanks the inimitable Shadow for creating the final image in the gallery. Her beautiful collage perfectly captures Johnny in his dual role as actor and director, living the time of his life.