Two new PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN galleries for the Johnny Depp Zone!

We are delighted to announce the opening of two new galleries devoted to PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. The first gallery, which can be found in the BY FILM section, contains thirty-nine beautiful stills of Johnny’s unforgettable performance as Captain Jack Sparrow. The second gallery, called POTC PROMO, is located in THE DEPPARTMENT, and features photos from Johnny’s public appearances in support of POTC. There are pics from the U.S. premiere, the Critic’s Choice Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, the BAFTAs, and the Oscars.

With Johnny receiving the Lee Strasberg Award for Artistic Achievement from the Actor’s Fund last Saturday, and with the release of the new three-disc version of POTC today, it seemed a particularly appropriate time for the Zone to honor the best pirate it has ever seen. Just click on the GALLERIES button on the home page to find the new additions. Enjoy!

Three-disc version of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN released today

The corporate pirates at Disney released the three-disc version of one of our all-time favorite movies, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, today, November 2nd. Buyers be warned: the version of the movie is identical to the one Disney released last year. The best feature on the new “Lost Disc” is a nearly eight-minute interview with Johnny Depp, in which he discusses creating Captain Jack Sparrow; there is also a five-minute interview with Geoffrey Rush, and fifteen minutes of “A Fly on the Set” features, including the walk-the-plank scene, the tavern scene, and the dock scene (in which Captain Jack loses his wig while rescuing Elizabeth). However, although many fans were hoping for additional deleted scenes, there aren’t any new ones on the Lost Disc. The Zone thanks Emosniw in Hong Kong for sharing the details.

On a more encouraging note, Emma reports that Variety’s Film Production chart now lists February 5, 2005 as the start date for filming of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2. Bring me that sequel!

BREAKING NEWS–Johnny Depp interviewed by Oprah Winfrey!

Johnny Depp sat down for an hour interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired today, and thoroughly charmed her and the audience at Harpo Studios. Joined by his FINDING NEVERLAND costars Kate Winslet and Freddie Highmore, Johnny answered some very familiar questions with an appealing mixture of shyness and aplomb. Unfortunately the show was pre-empted in some areas of the U.S. by election coverage. A thirty-second video clip is available on Oprah’s website , as is a nine-picture slideshow. You can also buy transcripts of the show: a hard copy costs $7.00 and a downloadable version $6.00. Unfortunately, no videotapes of the show will be available.

In case you were thinking of sampling that wine Oprah poured for Johnny, be prepared to write a big check. Still-Rather-Timid has investigated the label and reports that the wine was Chateau Petrus, makers of rare bordeaux which retail from $1,850 – $4,700 per bottle! Just the thing to serve the sexiest man alive!