"I'm flattered, dumbfounded, and amazed"–Johnny Depp accepts the Lee Strasberg Award from the Actor's Fund

Johnny Depp was honored by the acting profession on Saturday night, October 30th; he accepted the Lee Strasberg Award for Artistic Achievement from the Actor’s Fund at a gala dinner which raised a million dollars for the charity. “The night was all about Depp, who was recognized for his body of work,” notes Donna Freydkin in USA Today. Commenting on that body of work, Johnny told the crowd, “I have always been told that my film choices are weird. In reviewing these clips now”–clips of Johnny’s films were shown as part of the presentation–“I guess they were weird.” Johnny paid tribute to the evening’s other major honoree, stage and screen legend Angela Lansbury: “To be here with the great Angela Lansbury who actually was the inspiration to my Ichabod Crane character,” he marveled. The producers “wanted a girl detective,” Johnny said with a grin, “and they got it!” Johnny thanked the women who shared his table: his sister Christi, who is now the president of his production company, Infinitum Nihil, and his longtime agent Tracey Jacobs, “for putting up with me for seventeen years. This award should be hers,” Johnny said, concluding, “I am very, very touched and honored.” Thanks to Emma for breaking the USA Today story, and to Angie for the text of Johnny’s speech. You can read the text of the USA Today article here .

Zoners in attendance report that Johnny was just as gallant off the dais. Check the accounts on the News & Views forum from recentJDOCDvictim, who had a table at the gala directly above Johnny’s, and got an autograph; Sam, who vividly describes what it’s like to be in the crush of autograph-seekers; and paperrose, who actually met Johnny outside the Waldorf-Astoria and got him to sign her Dead Man book. Pictures from the event are up on the Recent Pics and News & Views forums, the newest set from Susanne–feast your eyes!