TV Alert: Johnny Depp to appear on OPRAH on Tuesday, November 2nd!

Set your VCRs and TIVOs–The Oprah Winfrey Show is advertising Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet as Oprah’s guests on the program airing next Tuesday, November 2nd! Thanks to Emma for breaking the story, and fan’smom for being the first to track down the date of the show. Oprah frequently schedules programs which feature the cast of a high-profile movie about to open, and they are usually among her best because the audience is so thrilled to see their favorite stars sitting on stage. It should be great publicity for FINDING NEVERLAND, too, since Oprah’s audience is likely to respond well to the film. No word yet on whether other cast members will attend.

Zoner L2 confirms that Johnny and Kate will be taping Oprah’s show tomorrow, FRIDAY, October 29th, to air on Tuesday, November 2nd! Windy City Zoners, if you feel an extra zing in the air tomorrow, it could be because Johnny is in town! Thanks for the update, L2.