Johnny Depp on cover of UK's SIGHT & SOUND magazine~~

Joining EMPIRE and VANITY FAIR, the British Film Institute’s monthly magazine SIGHT & SOUND has also elected to feature Johnny Depp on the cover of their November issue. “Johnny Depp grows up in FINDING NEVERLAND,” says the cover, while the description of Kevin Jackson’s article about FINDING NEVERLAND, called “The Innocents,” praises the film’s imaginative take on J. M. Barrie’s life: “FINDING NEVERLAND bends the truth about J.M. Barrie’s creation of Peter Pan to boost its themes of art, death and the afterlife. It’s magic.” The article goes on to praise Johnny’s “beautifully restrained and subtle performance” as Barrie. “Marc Forster’s film FINDING NEVERLAND never resorts to the truth and is all the better for it,” Jackson writes. For example, “Barrie–a mustachioed, scrawny five-foot-nothing of a man who looked decades older than his 44 years (he was born on 9 May 1860)– bore no resemblance to the preposterously handsome Johnny Depp . [. . .]” The review of the movie is also highly favorable. The Zone thanks Edda for bringing us the news. To view the SIGHT & SOUND cover of “the preposterously handsome Johnny Depp,” click here.