VANITY FAIR interview: Johnny Depp praises his "die-hard fans"

Although most of the press attention around the VANITY FAIR interview has dealt with Johnny’s explanation of why he referred to the United States as a puppy (but not a “dumb puppy”), far more interesting to Deppheads are his comments on his long-time, intensely loyal fans. Johnny appreciates the support he has received from the fans he calls the “die-hards.” He told VANITY FAIR: “I’ve known that there have been a kind of select group of people, amazing die-hard supporters, even through the more, shall we say, odd films,” says Depp. “These people, bless them, have stuck with me the whole length of the road. To say you appreciate it is not nearly enough. It’s part of the essence, or fuel, of what keeps you going.”

Johnny continues, “These people are my boss; they’re the ones who keep me employed. A couple of times they could have said, Let’s abandon him. And they haven’t. You don’t want to let them down.” Words to warm a Depphead’s heart. The Zone thanks Jenny who posted the whole VANITY FAIR article, including the new Mark Seliger pictures, on the Recent Pics forum.