Johnny Depp on cover of UK's Empire Magazine!

UK Depp fans will want to rush to their local bookstore or newsstand to pick up the November issue of Empire. The cover features a shot of Johnny by Marc Seliger, taken during the GQ photo shoot in 2003, and the tagline, “Everybody digs Johnny Depp, but can FINDING NEVERLAND snag him an Oscar . . .” The blurb inside promises us a good read: “‘Everybody digs Johnny Depp’ declares our cover. And you know what? It’s true. Do you know anyone who doesn’t love the man and everything he does, whether it’s indie-centric, flipping the bird to Hollywood, or swaggering his way to an Oscar nod as Captain Jack Sparrow? We sure don’t. So when we saw his new film, FINDING NEVERLAND, and realised that it was belting, we immediately sat down with the man himself for an in-depth chat about all things Depp. And there’s not a mention of that godawful Oasis record anywhere.” The Zone thanks Emma for breaking this story and posting scans of the article; DeepinDepp for the interview commentary and her daughter Alex for the cover thumbnail; and Purplestreamers who typed a transcript and posted the full interview on the News board. Thanks to you all!

From Poppet comes word that Johnny and Vanessa are featured in the October 5th issue of OK Magazine in an article called “Celebrities in Love.” Describing them as “Glamorous, successful and madly in love,” the magazine notes that “[s]ome stars change partners as often as they change their outfits – but not these true romantics.” Thanks for the update, Poppet. . . . Rounding out the news from the UK, Floss reports that, at long last, the much-anticipated FINDING NEVERLAND trailer has been sighted in UK theaters. Floss caught it running before a showing of WIMBLEDON, with Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany. The same news comes from Down Under, where gronki saw the FN trailer before WIMBLEDON as well. U.S. Zoners have seen the trailer running with WIMBLEDON and also with SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW, and in some locations with THE BOURNE SUPREMACY. Thanks to all of you for the news.