Johnny Depp on LIBERTINE co-star Samantha Morton: "Her talents are endless . . . "

For the many Depp fans who have been curious about Johnny’s reaction to working with Samantha Morton in THE LIBERTINE, Johnny told an reporter from Time Out that “her talents are endless.” Interviewed during the Venice film festival for a Time Out feature on Morton, Johnny added, “She’s sharp, adorable, sweet, and a great mommy. She’s a good girl. I loved working with her.” In THE LIBERTINE, Morton plays Elizabeth Barry, the actress who fascinates the Earl of Rochester. “She has a strong hold on the reins, a great sense of who she is,” Johnny told Time Out. “She doesn’t buy into the whole game of movie stardom. She just does the work and is purely herself.” A rising star, Samantha Morton earned great reviews in MINORITY REPORT and last year received a Best Actress Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of a struggling young mother in Jim Sheridan’s IN AMERICA. TimeOut calls Johnny’s comments “a ringing endorsement from on high”–another indication of the kind of reputation for acting genius that Johnny possesses. Thanks to Emma for posting the story on the News forum.