"Johnny Depp Channels His Inner Lost Boy"–great FINDING NEVERLAND article in October 2004 PREMIERE Magazine!

The October 2004 issue of PREMIERE Magazine–the one with Angelina Jolie on the cover–contains an excellent background article on FINDING NEVERLAND by Mark Salisbury. Called “The Family of Pan: Johnny Depp Channels His Inner Lost Boy in FINDING NEVERLAND, as the Playwright Who Created a Children’s Classic,” the article begins on page 86. Salisbury gives a detailed explanation of why FINDING NEVERLAND could not be released last fall; reveals how Johnny and director Marc Forster really feel about that song of Elton John’s that plays at the end of the film (hint: not good); and shares many wonderful anecdotes that took place during filming.

Much of the article focuses on Johnny’s rapport with the four young actors who play the Davies boys . . . especially Freddie Highmore, who plays Peter. “The casting of Depp, an actor especially suited to tapping into the spontaneity of youth, was inspired,” writes Salisbury. Director Forster agrees: “The closer he got to the kids, the more they trusted each other, [and] the more he opened up with his playfulness.” Forster told Salisbury that the four boys were as close to Johnny in real life as their characters are onscreen. “He played with them, invited them into his trailer. The last day of shooting was almost tragic for the kids because they loved him so much, especially Freddie–he was so heartbroken and crying. They became a family.”

The article contains three medium-sized photos of Johnny at work: one of him filming a scene in the park; one of him conversing with Dustin Hoffman and Marc Forster; and a shot of Johnny with Kate Winslet, Julie Christie, and the four boys. Thanks to FANtastic JD for posting this news and photo scans on the News board.