Johnny Depp in this week's PEOPLE Magazine~~and other magazine news~~

FANtastic JD reports that this week’s PEOPLE Magazine–their annual Best and Worst-Dressed Issue–features three separate pictures of Johnny. On page 7, in a feature on stars who “know how to make an entrance,” there is a full-length shot of Johnny at last Sunday’s Venice screening of FINDING NEVERLAND, in his black pinstriped suit. But he also looks great in jeans, as his citation in “Best Jeans around town” demonstrates–for this, PEOPLE recycles their St. Tropez shot (see page 148).

PEOPLE also covers Johnny’s arrival in Venice on page 10, with a photo of him waving to the crowd. For once, Johnny makes no appearances in the “Worst” categories of the “Best and Worst Dressed.” Thanks to FANtastic JD for her report.

Conny reports that Johnny is featured in three German magazines this week: GALA, No. 38, has a pinstriped-suit picture from Venice; BUNTE, No. 38, has two Venice pictures–one of Johnny with his fans, and one from the screening. AMICO, No. 2, tells the reader how to copy Johnny’s “hippie style” and features a picture from last year’s Venice festival. Thanks, Conny!

And thanks to Isis, who noticed a small insert of the October Premiere cover in an US Weekly article on Angelina Jolie (page 28). Isis reports that one of the featured headlines on that upcoming Premiere is “Johnny Depp’s Inner Child”–so no doubt a story on FINDING NEVERLAND will be coming our way soon. Thanks for the heads-up, Isis!