The TODAY show's Fall Movie Preview says FINDING NEVERLAND "has Oscar written all over it!"

Words to delight a Deppfan’s heart–in the Fall Movie Preview on this morning’s Today Show (Friday, September 3rd), FINDING NEVERLAND was one of the featured films. Entertainment Weekly editor Dave Karger told Katie Couric that “FINDING NEVERLAND has Oscar written all over it!” Karger added that it was a beautiful film and that, since Johnny Depp missed out on the Oscar for POTC last year, this performance should give him another chance. Karger was very effusive in his praise for the movie, repeating several times what a lovely film it is. Katie Couric could not resist adding, “And Johnny Depp is soooo cute!” Noted . . . . Thanks to FANtasticJD for sharing this story with the Zone.