Miramax lists FINDING NEVERLAND release date as November 12, 2004!

In the September 2, 2004 issue of Variety, staff writer Dana Harris reports on Miramax’s updated schedule of fall film releases. Although the cash-strapped studio is postponing several planned 2004 openings to 2005, FINDING NEVERLAND’s North American release date is listed as November 12, 2004. Thanks to DeepinDepp for the good news!

Variety’s information is supported by the Miramax website. As Hibblette reported, the site was updated yesterday and it also lists the FINDING NEVERLAND release date as November 12th (this is a change from their previously reported date of October 22, 2004). Although several media outlets, including Entertainment Weekly, have been reporting that the November 12th release would be limited to the top ten markets, with a wide release to follow the day before Thanksgiving, the Miramax advertisement on the Upcoming Films page on its website now says “In theaters everywhere November 12th.” We’ll keep our fingers crossed that this is Miramax’s final word on the matter. We want to make plans and buy tickets!

TV Alert–Johnny on Entertainment Tonight on September 1st!

Set your VCRs–the September 1st edition of Entertainment Tonight has a segment on the Venice Film Festival. One of the films ET previews is FINDING NEVERLAND, and they show a couple of clips from the movie–with Johnny prominently featured, of course! Don’t watch ET you’re avoiding spoilers . . . but since the film’s release date keeps getting delayed, you might want to watch and tape all the footage of Johnny you can get. Look for stories on the Venice Film Festival all week long on the entertainment shows, and watch the weekend shows especially carefully. FINDING NEVERLAND screens on Saturday, and Johnny is scheduled to be there to promote the film, so you know what that means–new pictures! Thanks to DeppintheHeartofTexas for the ET news.