New POTC DVD release to include a 3rd disc–"The Lost Disc" version available November 2nd~~

The new Region 1 release of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN which arrives in stores November 2nd will include a third disc containing “eight never-before-seen bonus features.” No details as yet about what those new features on the “Lost Disc” might be, but it looks as if the corporate pirates at Disney have found a way to make us open our wallets for Captain Jack Sparrow one more time. Thanks to Joy at for sharing her expertise, and to Kazren for reporting it and sending the artwork. We don’t know what’s on the new disc but it looks like this

Rumor: Johnny Depp to film TOM MIX AND PANCHO VILLA for director Tony Scott?

The office of the secretary of Tourism for Mexico issued a press release on August 26 which claimed that “the American actor Johnny Depp will return to Mexico next year to shoot the film TOM MIX AND PANCHO VILLA, under the direction of Tony Scott.” There has been no comment, official or otherwise, from Johnny or his representatives, so this project is only a rumor. Emma reports that the script is based on Clifford Irving’s novel of the same name: “The story of an idealistic actor who leaves the comforts of Texas to join up with a revolutionary who would not embrace modern technology, even when the government was conscripting German fighter planes to bomb him and tanks to blast his armies.” It is not clear from the press release whether Scott wants Johnny to play iconic cowboy hero Tom Mix, the fiery revolutionary Pancho Villa–or both roles. The Zone thanks Emma for the story.

Say it isn't so . . . Miramax to postpone FINDING NEVERLAND's release again?

Deja vu all over again . . . Emma reports that FINDING NEVERLAND director Marc Forster told the audience at the Boston preview screening on August 23rd that Miramax had pushed back FINDING NEVERLAND’S U.S. release date from Thanksgiving to Christmas! There is as yet no confirmation from Miramax of the latest postponement. The delay seems foolhardy to Depp fans, who have been waiting for this film for two years now. New York and Los Angeles will get a slightly earlier release date, but that’s no consolation to the rest of the continent. Our thanks to Emma for keeping us informed on this frustrating saga. We wish Miramax would pick a FINDING NEVERLAND release date and stick to it–and the earlier the date, the happier we’ll be!