Marc Forster at Philadelphia screening of FINDING NEVERLAND!

FINDING NEVERLAND’s director, Marc Forster, continued his road tour promoting the film, appearing on Sunday night in Philadelphia. Zoner Tattoo, who attended the screening,reports that Forster said the role of J. M. Barrie “was written for Johnny” and that “he couldn’t imagine anyone else in the role.” Forster had high praise for his “sweet and humble” star. He told moviegoers that Johnny would spend a couple of hours signing autographs for the hundreds of fans waiting in Hyde Park, even though Johnny was exhausted from a long day of shooting. Tattoo adds that she found the movie magical and that the audience loved it. Thanks, Tattoo!

New Johnny Depp interview with La Repubblica~~

The Venice Film Festival must be getting close–Johnny gave a brief interview to La Repubblica on Sunday. Besides confirming that Venice is his favorite film festival and that he will be there for the FINDING NEVERLAND screening on September 10th, Johnny also answered questions about CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, his Oscar nomination, and his role as J. M. Barrie. The Zone thanks Angie very much for translating the interview and posting it on the News & Views board.