Coming attractions–a MAKING OF THE LIBERTINE documentary!

Emma reports that brothers Corran and Arran Brownlee, who worked on storyboards for THE LIBERTINE, were granted the right to shoot a documentary about THE MAKING OF THE LIBERTINE. The brothers had access to the cast and crew; they were on the Isle of Man until wrap day, and returned to London with some 80 hours of tape, which they are presently editing. Thanks for the news, Emma! A shot from the Brownlee brothers website shows Michael Nyman recording THE LIBERTINE soundtrack. You can follow the filmmakers’ story on their website.

Music rumor: Johnny Depp to play guitar on new OASIS CD!

Depp fans who recall Johnny’s slide guitar work on Oasis’s “Fade In-Out” will not be surprised by a Sky News story that announces that Johnny will play guitar “on a few tracks” for the new Oasis CD. There is no word on how extensive his involvement might be or whether he will appear in any Oasis music videos. Thanks to Emma for finding this story.

News on THE LIBERTINE, from one who has seen the film~~

DeepinDepp found several posts on from an Englishman named James who has seen a test screening of THE LIBERTINE. She has kindly edited the posts into a coherent review which is now on the Zone’s News & Views Forum. To read the entire thread, go here. The review is full of SPOILERS which I don’t want to publish here–check News & Views if your inquiring mind wants to know. One key fact James does report, however, is that Johnny Depp has no nude scene in THE LIBERTINE. The extras flash some skin, but the Earl of Rochester, the Libertine himself, keeps his clothes on.