Dallas screening of FINDING NEVERLAND another big success!

Zoners attended the Dallas screening of FINDING NEVERLAND and reported that the film was “as wonderful as everyone says.” Marc Forster was once again in attendance and stayed after the screening to answer questions from the audience. The director confirmed that Johnny Depp was his first choice to play J. M. Barrie–wise choice! How fortunate for all of us that Johnny said yes . . . . Bam A Lam got Marc Forster’s autograph after the screening, and he generously let her keep the pen as a souvenir. Thanks to Mom O Bam A Lam for her report–it’s always nice to see a mother and daughter enjoying their JDOCD together. You can read about their Dallas adventure on page 3 of Johnny Angel’s thread on the News forum called “My thoughts of FINDING NEVERLAND.” That thread has Zoners’ accounts of the Seattle screening as well–don’t miss it!

RUNNING WITH SCISSORS–another possible film project for Johnny Depp?

A new Hollywood rumor has Johnny being offered the role of Bookman in the upcoming film of Augusten Burroughs’ coming-of-age story, RUNNING WITH SCISSORS. Other A-list names attached to this project include Brad Pitt as producer and Gwynneth Paltrow, Brian Cox, Vanessa Redgrave, and Julianne Moore in the acting ensemble. Given Johnny’s affinity for playing damaged characters, the role of Bookman (who is the protagonist’s first lover) might appeal to him; however, this is only an offer to Johnny, not a firm deal. No projected shooting schedule was given, so it is impossible to judge if Johnny could be available for RUNNING WITH SCISSORS, and there has been no expression of interest, official or unofficial, from Johnny. The Zone thanks Micdus for reporting the offer and Sam for contributing background information on the plot. For more details, see the News & Views forum.

ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT features Johnny Depp in their fall movie preview~~

Viewers of the Thursday edition (August 19) of ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT saw a little footage from FINDING NEVERLAND as part of their exclusive story on fall movies. ET showed the “Just believe” scene, noting that “Johnny Depp wants to brighten everyone’s day as the creator of PETER PAN in FINDING NEVERLAND.” He certainly brightens everyone’s day around the Zone! Thanks to alias4 for the report.