Gorgeous Nigel Parry photograph of Johnny Depp in new IN STYLE!

The new issue of IN STYLE magazine features selections from photographer Nigel Parry’s new coffee-table book, PRECIOUS. A terrific photograph of Johnny appears on page 450. Depp fans remember that Nigel Parry has taken many great photographs of Johnny, including the shots picked by PEOPLE to illustrate “the sexiest man alive.” The idea behind PRECIOUS, by Parry and Melanie Dunea, is that the photographers asked each subject to name his or her most precious asset. What was Johnny’s reply? “Breath. We tend not to think much about it. Each one is a blessing–every inhale, every exhale.”

What an apt reflection. When you see a Nigel Parry photograph of Johnny, you have to think about breath–to remember how to breathe! Thanks, Sleepy, for posting the scan on the News Board.

A little news on the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequel~~

Zoner Kellyr2 has visited the POTC writers’ site, WORDPLAY, to check the current status of the script(s) for the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequel(s). So how IS that script coming along? Terry Rossio replied, “Unfinished, overdue, and potentially brilliant.” Here’s hoping the scribes actualize that potential–pronto! We can’t wait to see Captain Jack Sparrow sail the Black Pearl back to our local multiplex.

Johnny Depp movie news! Get your updates here!

Do you remember that, in the UK, THE LIBERTINE and FINDING NEVERLAND were scheduled to open on the same day, October 29th? UK Deppheads will no longer need to bilocate; film distribution executives must have realized that having two Johnny Depp films debut on the same day is likely to depress individual box-office totals. Nichola reports that THE LIBERTINE premiere has been brought forward one week–it will now debut on October 22, 2004; FINDING NEVERLAND remains scheduled to open on October 29th in the UK.

Italian Zoners will have a chance to attend the screening of FINDING NEVERLAND at the Venice film festival on September 10th. Thanks, emma!