Lots of Johnny Depp references in current magazines . . . .

In addition to this week’s Entertainment Weekly cover story, you can find mentions of Johnny in several current magazines. The August 23 US Weekly digs back eleven years to feature Johnny and Winona Ryder among the couples in their “Engagements Gone Wrong” feature (page 83). . . . The August 23 In Touch Weekly, in an article on the Fox series TRADING SPOUSES called “Trading Spouses We’d Like to See!”, proposes that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis swap partners with fellow celebrity supercouple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones (page 73). Thanks to Zoner Takingbackthrsdy for the information.

The current issue of the movie magazine Fade In has an article by FINDING NEVERLAND director Marc Forster, including several pages of photos (page 40-45) from the film. Thanks, Jenny, for scanning and posting this article for the Zone!

Kendy reports that the August issue of American In Style contains a black-and-white photo of Johnny, circa 1989: he is standing in the doorway of Danny Fried’s office (page 188). The article is about Fried’s China Club, site of many movie industry parties.

European magazines continue to feature Johnny. Conny notes that the French magazines One and Total Stars H. S. have articles on Johnny and small pictures of him on their current covers, while Angie reports that the latest Italian edition of Vanity Fair contains a feature on Vanessa Paradis, including several photographs and an interview in which she discusses Johnny and their children. Thanks to all the correspondents who have helped keep Zone members informed!