ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY likes Johnny's Oscar chances

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY devotes two pages–pages 56 and 57–of their fall movie preview issue to FINDING NEVERLAND. EW likes FINDING NEVERLAND’s chances in this year’s Oscar horse race, calling the cast and creative team “a stud farm of Oscar pedigree.” The principal stud is, of course, Johnny Depp, “hot on the heels of his Best Actor nod as Captain Jack, playing prominent Scottish playwright J. M. Barrie, a misunderstood, boyishly mischievous eccentric. In other words, a character right in Depp’s wheelhouse.”

The article perhaps inadvertently captures the surprising juxtapositions that characterize Johnny as an actor. For example, it follows a serious discussion of Johnny’s approach to creating J. M. Barrie’s character with an equally detailed explanation of how and why he “secretly rigged a handheld whoopee-cushion” to help the child actors laugh convincingly on cue. For the full article, check the News and Views forum

Latest picture of Johnny Depp! Here's the ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY cover shot!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY hits the stands today with their Fall Movie Preview issue–a double issue dated August 20-27, 2004. The magazine promises to deliver “All the buzz on 135 new films,” but the cover is dominated by one film and one actor: a huge shot of Johnny’s face in character as Scottish playwright J. M. Barrie from FINDING NEVERLAND.